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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Follow Through With Planning

As I’m writing this, I'm looking at the beautiful reminiscing at the times of my failure and my successes, both of which I believed are triggered by visualization. I sit here and think the ideas I have; those ideas which have been smothered with countless talk and blabber only to suffocate your dreams of their true value. Basically I talked more than I executed action.


I wrote this in my black journal a couple of months back, but what is it really? It basically means that you create a walkthrough in your brain (not mind) which enables you to believe in a path, one of which you will eventually experience.

Musically, we have to feel our music, because who else will.

Yeah! You may want that club banger, but you first have to make the music for yourself before you make it for anybody else. This is the element that I feel we are lacking with the independent music community.

You must visualize yourself gaining success with your music. You must visualize a fan base the size of the Grand Canyon. Not only that but when your done visualizing your must take the steps to make sure that it happens the way you want it.

There are too much Kanye West glasses wearing rappers out here

There are Lil' Wayne clones at a lot of the showcases.

There are too much Beyonce Zombies out here as well.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't be influence by these individual. You should just be THYSELF

There is nothing new under the sun its never what you do but how its done


Its going to be 2009 I want my new favorite artist to be an INDIE

I want my new favorite producer to be an INDIE

I want my new favorite singer/songwriter to be an INDIE

I want my new favorite musician to be an INDIE

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