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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I was inspired by this and thought you all would be also - so here you go!

Just hours after leaving the 12:01 am showing of the Michael Jackson movie “This is It” I am up writing. It's 2:45 in the morning, I have to be up for work at the break of dawn… in all actuality I should be sleep.

But I can’t close my eyes, the adrenaline is rushing, my mind is racing. I’m high. High on “IT”. And “IT” just won’t go away. That’s what "IT" does to you. You know exactly what I am talking about, because you have experienced “IT” before.

Up late, working, doing your craft, filled with so much life, so much purpose, so much passion that you are over flowing with “IT”, to the point that “IT” kept you awake, “IT” kept you going “IT” kept you alive.

Michael Jackson shared his “IT” in every way he could. Will you pick up where he left off?

Like an Olympic torch, burning with passion “IT” has been passed to you, and now it is your turn to run with “IT”. You cannot fail, you cannot give, up , everyone is watching, and waiting, hoping and praying, and the pressure is on. This is "IT". What will you do?

Will you hold your head high, and march the miles, no matter how tough the terrain may get it? Or will you drop it, letting your fire burn out, the light that was YOU no longer leading the way for others to follow. How bright does your “IT” burn. How many are being lead by your light right now? Has your light, your "IT" dimmed? Or have you kept "IT" tucked away, hiding "IT" in fear that "IT" just might not be good enough? You weren’t given “IT” to keep it, you were given “IT” to share it.

So what is “IT”? It is more than just an opportunity. See “IT” is more than just talent. “IT” is so deep that it lies at the very core of who you are, and “IT” is undeniable. “IT” is what makes you, you.

It is that song you haven’t sung, that book you haven’t written, that dance you haven’t choreographed, that beat you haven’t produced, that speech you haven’t spoken, that monologue you haven’t practiced, that photo you haven’t taken, that program you haven’t taught, that idea you haven’t developed, that LOVE you haven’t shared. This is “IT”.

Will you use it? Or lose it? How dare you take back to the ground with you any talent, any passion, any life, ANY of “IT”. How dare you ignore, hide, or refute the glorious gifts you have been so richly blessed with. How dare you selfishly keep “IT” to yourself.

What will your “IT” consist of? How will your rehearsals be remembered? What will be your final show?

We all have purpose, we all have passion, we all have “IT”, the question now becomes what will you do with it?

Don’t choose to sleep on what you have been given. My “IT” is writing, my “IT” is speaking, my “IT” is sharing, and in the end I don’t want to take ANY of “IT” with me. So here is my opportunity to share my “It”. What is yours? Will you share it? Will you use “IT”. The Choice is yours. Someone sent you this message because they know you have "IT". They know you are trying to do "IT" and they wanted to remind YOU to never give up on "IT". This…. Is ….It.
In loving memory of Michael Jackson
The greatest artist of all time

Erikka Tiffani
Wed Oct 28 3:44am

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