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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Keeping you in the know.

Life, music, contacts, hustle, bootlegs, square business, hell janky business even. The truth, love, pain, real talk and some straight up bull shit. This is what you can expect from now and as long as I'm running this blogspot. You see, I look at things from a couple different angles. None more important then what makes cents... I mean come one people, you all know these days it's ruff out there in this world. About as ruff as we choose to make it that is. I mean, you have the choice to do what you want with this great gift we call life. So what's your plan? Do you need a little help? Are you trying to get somewhere but people keep holding you down. Are you letting them? Are you the problem but yet find some way to blame it on others? Do you need the hook up? Do you love discounts, I mean who doesn't? Are you feed up with his or her bull shit? Do you need a moment of clarity? A push, a way out, words of wisdom? Why are people such haters? I tell you what, lets make a deal. I'll give you my take on things and if it make sense or don't, comment on it. If I hook you up. Let me know you appreciate it and just know that you owe me one. Hell see me out and buy me a drink, let me in for free or something. You want that new album, movie or what not? People what I'm trying to say is that... I'm The Ultimate Middleman! Welcome to my Blog spot. Let's go more then in. As the great Buzz Light year would say. "To infinity and beyond."

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